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Wireless network or WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) is the fastest developing technology because it connects all kinds of people to all kinds of information, in all kinds of places and without wires; as it works rather like a mobile phone.

Our world is all the richer for accessing information, knowledge and keeping in touch with our family, friends or business.

At home or at business we have come to rely on connectivity to the Internet so why not allow people to connect to the Internet while they are in their holiday home or on a boat?

WiFi enabled computers send and receive data indoors and out; anywhere within range of a base station or ‘hotspot’. In addition to the obvious convenience of WiFi, another advantage is the speed of technology, which is several times faster than the fastest cable connection and also enables large amounts of data to be sent and received.

Wireless laptops and mobile phones

Wireless means exactly what it says – no wires. This means no trenches, no unsightly wires on buildings, reduced costs and most of all minimal disruption to your business; which is good news. Installation is fast and easy as it eliminates the need to put cabling through walls and ceilings or in the ground.

There are virtually limitless applications for WiFi technology. Users are connecting to their office networks, browsing the web and downloading music or stream live news from all around the world. They are making voice over WiFi calls through their laptops or cordless phones and sending photos from WiFi enabled cameras.

Your customers will choose parks and marinas which provide this service; make sure you are at the top of their list!

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