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Recoup your costs of your installation generate income for your business.

Your customers are now expecting to have access to the Internet available to them within their holiday home or boat and I-nova networks can provide this service for your business with minimal installation disruption. More important you can re-sell this service like any other facility you currently provide.

I-nova networks provides a complete Wireless Network that not only offers an additional service to your customers and your business, but also helps you to sell more holiday homes and generate an ongoing monthly income to your business that has got to be good for you!

Wireless Internet on your boat

We also provide cordless WiFi telephones using VOIP at competitive prices and make certain that you, your customers and your staff get everything you need to be able to use them. WiFi telephones are a mobile phone that enables calls to be received within a wireless network using broadband. Call costs compared to BT are considerably lower, around 1.2p per minute for a national call. It is the perfect solution for leisure industries set in rural locations in which mobile coverage is poor or even non-existent.

Urban complexes benefit too, as the WiFi will enable staff to run on the same network delivering substantial cost savings and instant communication to all areas.

Wireless security an added benefit

Wireless networks mean you can have fully controllable security barriers and cameras even in remote and difficult to reach areas of your site.

If you have looked at the costs of installing CCTV you will have noticed that a significant part of the cost is for services that are never seen, such as digging and laying ducts, not to mention the costs and time involved in the returning the site back to its previous condition. The benefit wireless of CCTV is that there is no need to dig to install cables. Another important benefit to you is that the control of the security units, may they be barriers or CCTV, can be managed from a central place, once again saving you costs.

See the Security section of the website for more details.

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